Stewarding the Land.

Taking root in 1895, Holtz Farms has driven sustainability and conservation efforts in the farming industry for generations. Holtz Farms operates beyond the scope of day-to-day farming, stewarding the land with regenerative agricultural practices. Taking a more comprehensive approach to farming, Holtz Farms has adopted a minimum tillage operation. With sustainable approaches to farming like cover crops, crop rotation, and carefully tending to soil nutrition and pH, it is the stewardship of Holtz Farms that keeps land healthy for generations to come. 

Holtz Farms is a pioneering cash grain operation that partners with local landowners to enhance their soil’s vitality by leveraging our cutting-edge practices and technology. Holtz Farms currently tends to approximately 1,500 acres of corn, 1,300 acres of soybeans, as well as 100 acres of both rye and wheat of cover crops, each year. The facilities at Holtz Farms have the capability of storing 190,000 bushels of corn on-site. The yield of crops harvested each season is a testament to the quality of care and intentional supervision of Holtz Farms properties.

Farm employee standing in field

Built on Trust

Taking care of the land with diligence and intentionality is remarkably similar to the detailed care that our employees at Holtz Farms can expect from their leadership. Just as we hope to leave the land better than we found it, we honor our employees by identifying their current personal and career aspirations in order to equip them to thrive in their upcoming seasons. It is the empowerment of our employees – from the equipment operators to the semi-truck drivers – that creates an environment for Holtz Farms employees to flourish.

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Farm Team

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