Holtz Life Balance: Our Success Stories

Holtz Family of Companies is more than a workplace, it is a family. A family full of diverse people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds – this is part of what makes Holtz the inviting business and community that it is.

Awarded as a Top Workplace for the past four years in a row, and in alignment with our internally coined term “Holtz-Life Balance,” there is no shortage of opportunities to grow your career or find fulfillment in the work of your hands. Whether you are looking for a career with competitive pay or benefits that allow you to stress less and enjoy paid vacation time more, Holtz has thoughtfully curated employment packages that serve our employees well.

Once a new hire signs their employment contract, they are part of a family: the Holtz family. And around here, family members look out for one another. Our teams collaborate. They cover each other when personal affairs come up and work needs to come second. They work together with clear communication and respect for one another. Project successes are not reliant upon one person, but are team efforts with a unified direction and sense of responsibility. This is what Holtz culture is all about, and it has transformed the way that we do business. 

A healthy company culture is an indispensable piece to building a thriving business with thriving employees, and Holtz has made a way.
We like to call it the
Holtz-Life Balance.

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Holtz Builders, Inc.

HBI Opportunities

Holtz Builders is more than just a construction company; it’s a gateway to a world of diverse and exciting career opportunities. Our team is at the forefront of innovation, working on projects that shape communities and redefine the skyline. Whether you’re an experienced professional looking to elevate your career or a newcomer eager to learn and grow, Holtz Builders provides a supportive and dynamic environment for all. We believe in nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and encouraging our employees to reach their full potential. With a wide range of roles spanning project management, superintendent, engineering, and construction, we offer a pathway to a fulfilling career where you can contribute to building a better future while building your own success. Join us at Holtz Builders, where opportunity and ambition meet to create a world of possibilities.

Mark Crowley

Executive Vice President of HBI Wisconsin – Lake Delton, WI

Mark’s career path is rare, but made possible by dedication and a great work ethic. He started working for HBI after his freshman year of college during summer break and has worked his way up the chart to where he oversees the HBI Wisconsin branch. Determined to build a successful career in general contracting, Mark has worked closely on countless projects and has helped grow HBI to what it is today. His passion for precision and clear communication is like no other and has spoken volumns to the employees that he leads and the clients, subcontractors and vendors that he works with.

Tyler Johnson

Project Manager – Lake Delton, WI

“Being part of the team here at HBI is really bringing me happiness again. I value my past experiences working for other great organizations as well as the time I’ve spent working for myself. That said, I continued to search for a position and platform where I was challenged to best utilize my talents, grow personally and professionally, and generate positive outcomes. From our first conversation, I’ve felt strongly that HBI is where I want to continue and grow my career, and what has impressed me most about the entire process and my experience so far is the intentional approach of the leadership team to grow the culture and provide position support. What motivates me daily is the incredible people I get to work with, many with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and the relationships being formed through the work we are doing. If working with a driven team, to solve challenges in a fast-paced environment with opportunity to grow, is what you are looking for – I recommend HBI!”

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International Residence Hall

IRH Opportunities

International Residence Hall is more than just a place to live; it’s a hub of diverse career opportunities that can shape your professional journey. As a vibrant and culturally diverse community, we believe in fostering an environment that not only enriches the lives of our residents but also offers a wealth of experiences for our staff. Whether you’re interested in residence life, international relations, hospitality management, or administrative roles, International Residence Hall provides a platform for growth and development. We are committed to supporting our team members in their career aspirations, offering training, mentorship, and the chance to work in a globally-minded and inclusive setting. Join us at International Residence Hall and be part of a team that not only provides exceptional living experiences but also empowers you to thrive in your career.

Brandon Boone

Operations Manager – Pigeon Forge, TN

Brandon’s remarkable career trajectory began when he joined us as a front desk administrator. His unwavering commitment to excellence and tireless dedication propelled him to ascend the ranks within our organization. Today, he stands as the driving force behind the successful operation of our prestigious IRH Pigeon Forge complex, a thriving hub that accommodates and caters to the needs of more than 600 students concurrently..

Ashley Mayo

RevOps Manager – Pigeon Forge, TN

Ashley embarked on her professional journey with us, starting as a Project Assistant at HBI Tennessee. After dedicating two years to mastering the intricacies of construction, she discovered her true calling within our organization. Ashley’s dream role materialized at IRH – Pigeon Forge, where she assumed the pivotal position of RevOps Manager, allowing her to leverage her expertise and contribute significantly to our operations

Holtz Farms

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Tyler Emhoff

Farm Manager – Rock Springs, WI

Despite Tyler’s urban upbringing, his unwavering passion for farming has led to a unique and remarkable journey. His path into agriculture may differ from the conventional route, but over the course of his career, Tyler has emerged as an exceptionally versatile farmer. With a wealth of expertise, he adeptly navigates the intricate balance between nature’s rhythms and the judicious use of inorganic products, demonstrating a profound understanding of sustainable farming practices.

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Holtz Repair & Fabrication

Ron Breunig

“Jack of All Trades” – Lake Delton, WI

In a recent interview, Ron shared his extensive journey with Holtz Companies. With more than 18 years of experience and contributions to three distinct Holtz entities, his career path is a testament to the diverse opportunities within the company. Ron initially joined Holtz Builders before pursuing his true passion for farming. This led his career down a path in helping broaden the Holtz Farms’ scope. As he honed his skills, Ron’s position continued to evolve and adapt to his ever-growing expertise at Holtz Repair and Fabrication.

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Holtz & Associates Management

HAM Employee at Desk

Jami Lehman

Property Manager

Jami is an unstoppable dynamo, always in motion. Her unwavering dedication serves as the bedrock for delivering our residents nothing short of superior housing and unparalleled value. Jami’s unrelenting commitment to cultivating pet-friendly living spaces that promote well-being and a high quality of life serves as an enduring source of inspiration that fuels her passion and motivation.

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