We Dare to Defy Limitations.

The team of skilled professionals at Holtz Repair and Fabrication, also known as HRF, has served the locals of Lake Delton since 2017. With expertise in truck and auto repair as well as customizations in hydraulic hoses, Holtz Repair and Fabrication technicians are equipped to deliver high-quality maintenance and extensive vehicle repair.

Holtz Repair and Fabrication doesn’t just fix and build things – the team dominates all aspects of creation and restoration. From resurrecting worn-out machinery to forging groundbreaking innovations, there’s no challenge too audacious for this team’s skilled hands and unwavering determination. HRF thrives on the complexities that make others falter, dismantling obstacles and fashioning them into triumphs. Our workshop is a battleground where mediocrity meets its demise, and ingenuity reigns supreme. Holtz Repair and Fabrication: where the ordinary is obliterated, and the extraordinary comes to life.

HRF Team
Employee working on Truck

We reinvent, repair and fabricate.

At Holtz Repair and Fabrication, the atmosphere isn’t for the faint-hearted, but for those who thrive on electrifying challenges and have an unquenchable thirst for excitement. 

We’re not here to coast – we’re here to conquer. From tackling intricate repairs beyond the abilities of our competitors to engineering feats that push the boundaries of what’s possible, every day is a battle against the ordinary. And through it all, HRF stands as a fortress of support, taking immense pride in the warriors that proudly bear our banner. We don’t just nurture skills; we forge legends. Our team isn’t a collection of employees; it’s a coalition of fearless innovators who relish every obstacle as a chance to unleash their brilliance. 

So, if you’re ready to redefine limits and harness your inner titan, step into the refinery of Holtz Repair and Fabrication – where the thrill of the challenge and the roar of victory are the rhythms of our existence.

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