A Synergy of Companies

As a business with touchpoints across multiple industries, each branch, team, and team member is valued as an essential member of the Holtz family.

With five distinct specialties, Holtz has developed excellence in each of its branches that has only enhanced the value and reputation of the company as a whole.

It is the builders, project managers, and sub-contractors with Holtz Builders that have created a culture of integrity and excellence in every construction project that Holtz engages with.

The hospitality of the International Residence Hall and Holtz & Associates Management teams bring the comfort of home to local and international guests alike, allowing residents to thrive in their own spaces and ways.

The Holtz Farm roots were planted in 1895, and the family values of sustainability and caring for the community still reign as cornerstones in Holtz Companies.

The Holtz Repair and Fabrication branch brings highly skilled and expertly crafted projects that represent the high-quality standards of Holtz as a whole. Holtz would not be the thriving business that it is without each branch bringing the best version of itself into the fold.

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Holtz Builders, Inc.
General Contracting – Commercial & Residential

As our locations continue to grow, our team continues to expand. Looking for a new career or a place to grow your skills? Holtz Builders is the place for you.

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International Residence Hall
Employee Housing Facilities

International Residence Hall is the Nation’s most experienced operator of Employee Housing for BridgeUSA J1 Work Travel Students and other International Seasonal Workforce.

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Holtz Farms
Crop Production

Taking root in 1895, Holtz Farms has driven sustainability and conservation efforts in the farming industry for generations. Holtz Farms operates beyond the scope of day-to-day farming, stewarding the land with regenerative agricultural practices

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Holtz Repair & Fabrication

Our skilled team of professionals at HRF excel at truck and auto repair as well as customizations in hydraulic hoses, Holtz Repair and Fabrication technicians are equipped to deliver high-quality maintenance and extensive vehicle repair.

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Holtz & Associates Management
Property Management

Holtz & Associates Management employees settle at the crossroads of distinguished hospitality and first-rate resident housing.


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