Your Home Away From Home

At International Residence Hall, we value creating spaces that allow people to thrive. Because when people feel safe and at home in their residences, they’re able to flourish in the world beyond their front door. International Residence Hall, better known as IRH, is the nation’s most experienced operator of employee housing for BridgeUSA J1 work-travel students. Creating safe spaces for students from over thirty different countries, our facilities are intentionally designed to help people feel at home when their everyday life is thousands of miles away. 

Community gathering spaces for meeting new people, kitchen counters for replicating the familiar tastes of home, and amenities like personal bathrooms and community laundry facilities allow residents to experience the crossroads of building community and daily life. Resident relationships that are built within the halls of our facilities last a lifetime. We believe that feeling at home allows our residents to invite people into the daily rhythms of their lives and build meaningful friendships that last. 

IRH Students outside campus
IRH location in Wisconsin

Embrace Work Familial Culture

Here at International Residence Hall, it is not just the residents that matter. Our employees do, too. Our values of creating safe spaces for community and relationships to flourish are a reflection of our internal company culture. We see that our employees are healthiest and happiest when they experience intentional leadership and familial work culture, and that is what we desire to create for our employees at International Residence Hall. 

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