Holtz Companies started as a seedling with Holtz Farms pioneering the way more than 120 years ago.

Sprouting from the soil of a small family dairy farm in Rock Springs, WI, this family of companies has transformed into so much more. From corn and soybeans to apartment buildings and engine repairs, Holtz has grown from deep roots to tall trees in a variety of industries. The Companies’ explosive growth over the last five years can be attributed to the outstanding contributions from our dedicated employees, our strong company values, and our word-of-mouth business strategy.

Established in 1993, Holtz Builders has been on a steady upward growth and in 2015, when the HBI moved from Reedsburg to Lake Delton, we also began our search for a new president. Then in 2018, Dan Bullock joined the team along with an array of exceptionally talented individuals in the years to follow. This year, 2023, will mark 30 years of serving our community! Which has made us pause and think about the remarkable past 8 years, where the HBI business grew 30x over with new offices in Sevierville, TN, Fort Myers, FL, and Branson, MO! That’s like comparing the tallest redwood tree in the world, the “Hyperion” of 380 feet, to a mature elderberry shrub of 12 feet…

In tandem with HBI’s achievements, International Residence Hall has broadened its reach by adding five more branches, extending IRH’s influence nationwide and growing 10x over since 2014. With an exceptional hospitality team and a perfected formula for crafting a home-away-from-home experience for international students, IRH has welcomed individuals from over thirty different countries. We are branching out into other industries and have our first manufacturing focused project approved in Portage, Wisconsin to start in early 2024. Our goal remains the same: provide an unrivaled experience for residents and expand our reach to more cities in need of safe housing.

Within just the last year, Holtz Repair and Fabrication has become its own external business, capable of servicing machinery and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s everyday cars, tractors, or heavy hydraulic machinery, HRF approaches every mechanical challenge with exceptional expertise. Reaching a bit further to our development side of expertise, one of our mature branches of the Holtz family, Holtz and Associates Management, has shaken off its autumn leaves and bloomed new spring buds. This means that HAM has developed new properties, and residents have chosen to make our facilities their homes. Our canopy of branches has thrived, due to the nurturing care provided by our Holtz family.

As for our oldest limb, Holtz Farms, has turned a new leaf this season. From farmland reach to innovative technology and new agricultural methods, the Holtz Farms team is devoted to enhancing the health and productivity of the land. In the last few years, this branch of Holtz has experienced substantial growth and has a promising future ahead with our team’s immense passion for farming!

Over the past 30 years, we’ve slowly nurtured an ecosystem of companies that has made an impact in our workplace and community. Our hope is that every employee within their branch at Holtz Companies finds joy and fulfillment in their every day roles and ecosystem. We are so excited for the future of Holtz Companies and the collective achievements we aspire to accomplish, one employee at a time.